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Threading Machining

R&D Fasteners can cut and roll thread in many common sizes. We offer a complete range of custom thread cutting and rolling services as well as CNC single-point options.

  • Cut thread from ¼” (6mm) through 4” (100mm) diameter.
  • Roll thread from ¼” (6mm) through 2” (50mm) diameter.
  • CNC single point from #6-32 through 4” (100mm) diameter.

Precision Thread Cutting Capabilities for Components up to 4” (100mm) in Diameter

R&D utilizes various thread cutting processes to reliably create threads with a helical ridge (or head) on a cylindrical rod or shaft. It is one of the most common fabrication processes for manufacturing both standard and custom bolts, screws, nuts, and studs.

Custom Thread Rolling Services

Thread rolling is a unique metal forging service that we use to form threads on virtually any type of fastener including screws, bolts, and studs. The thread rolling process uses a specialized thread roller machine that uses precision steel dies specifically designed to shape the metal of the workpiece into the desired thread pattern. The thread roller applies extreme pressure to the metal workpiece as it rotates between the dies, thus cold-forming the desired threads. In contrast with thread cutting and other forms of subtractive manufacturing, thread rolling simply displaces workpiece metal rather than removing it. This often can result in stronger, more durable threads.

CNC Single-Point Threading

CNC single-point threading is a precision machining process that we use to cut internal or external threads in custom fasteners and related components. The process utilizes a single-point cutting tool that matches the desired thread profile. 

The single-point tool is used with a CNC lathe that is programmed to precisely cut threads of the specified pitch, depth, and diameter. As the turning machine rotates the workpiece, the single-point tool moves lengthwise and cuts a consistent thread into the internal or external surface of the component.

Quality American Metalworking Services for Custom Threaded Components

At R&D Fasteners, we employ cutting-edge threading technology in conjunction with lean manufacturing principles. Our integrated thread cutting, rolling, and CNC single-point services are designed to streamline the production of your fasteners while eliminating waste and downtime. We continuously expand our equipment and capabilities to better meet the complex, precision threading needs of today’s components.