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Energy Fasteners

To keep pace with a changing and expanding energy industry, R&D Fasteners stocks a wide range of materials to meet your requirements. Wind developers, along with oil and gas companies, rely on R&D Fasteners as the leading domestic manufacturer.

Most of today’s energy equipment – whether you’re talking about the oil and gas refineries, natural gas, or even cryogenics – require specialized fasteners manufactured from a special material with uniquely strict specifications.

America’s Leading Manufacturer of Custom Fasteners for the Oil and Gas Industry

R&D Fasteners is a leading contract manufacturer of specialty fasteners used throughout the energy sector. We have partnered with leading oil and gas providers, renewable energy operations, as well as other specialized energy segments, such as lithium extraction. No matter the application, we manufacture precision fasteners and screws utilizing application-specific materials that protect against rust, salt corrosion, and various chemical contaminants.

Engineered for longevity and manufactured in the U.S.A. in accordance with all required EPA regulations, R&D’s reliable fasteners minimize future maintenance requirements and ensure all industrial equipment remains operating at peak performance with as little downtime as possible.

Fasteners for Oilfield Piping and Gas Extraction Equipment

R&D Fasteners manufactures custom forged and machined fasteners for pipe supports and flange joints commonly installed throughout oil and gas operations. Our in-house CNC machine shop gives us the capability to produce precision screws and fasteners that meet the high-strength requirements of modern energy extraction and processing equipment while resisting rust and chemical corrosion to extend service life in the field.

Custom Fastener Solutions for Renewable Energy Operations

Renewable energy is a rapidly emerging market which is bringing new industrial equipment into operation at an accelerated pace. Today’s renewable energy providers rely on R&D’s superior fasteners to meet their exacting specifications while minimizing the risk of part failures. Our experience includes custom forged and machined fasteners for wind farm operations and wind turbine equipment, solar power installations, and hydroelectric systems. These state-of-the-art renewable energy segments throughout the nation rely on R&D’s premium fasteners that resist rust, corrosion, and chemical breakdown.

Specialized Fasteners for the Energy Extraction Industry

R&D Fasteners is a leading manufacturer of specialty fasteners for the global energy extraction industry including lithium extraction. These industries are increasingly crucial as battery technology and other electronics become more integral throughout the world. R&D’s quality forged and machined fasteners are found across the globe installed in the specialized industrial equipment responsible for extracting the rare minerals that power our society.

Quality Fasteners and Customer Hardware for the American Energy Sector and Beyond

R&D Fasteners has provided the global energy industry with quality fastener and hardware solutions since 1984. As an ISO 9001:2015 domestic manufacturer, our company is committed to producing superior fasteners which meet the demands of today’s most challenging commercial, municipal, and industrial applications.