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Waterworks Fasteners

With roots in Southern California, R&D Fasteners supports the waterworks market nationwide. Our company manufactures specialty hex, heavy hex, oval neck track, and t-head bolts for the waterworks industry and wastewater processing equipment. We also stock a wide range of stainless, carbon/alloy steel, silicone bronze, and brass fasteners to meet the strictest of delivery schedules and meet any emergency maintenance requirements that your waterworks systems may face.

America’s Leading Manufacturer of Custom Fasteners for the Water Treatment Industry

R&D Fasteners is a leading contract manufacturer of specialty fasteners used throughout the commercial and municipal water sectors. As one of the nation’s leading providers of MIL-spec hardware and custom fasteners for naval shipbuilding, our company is well-versed in what it takes to build corrosion-resistant products that stand up to extreme environments. We manufacture all custom fasteners from premium, application-specific materials that protect against rust, salt corrosion, and various chemical contaminants.

Engineered for longevity, R&D’s extremely reliable fasteners minimize future maintenance requirements while ensuring your water systems and processing equipment experience as little downtime as possible.

Waterworks Piping Supports and Flange Joints

R&D Fasteners manufactures custom forged fasteners for pipe supports and flange joints commonly used in municipal waterworks equipment as well as commercial water processing. Backed by full-service CNC machining capabilities, we can produce complex custom fasteners, flange screws, and related components for various pipe supports, joints, and connectors.

At R&D Fasteners, we thrive on tackling the waterworks industry’s most difficult and unique manufacturing challenges through a combination of precision forging, threading, and machining services. Our quality forged and machined fasteners are manufactured in the U.S.A. in accordance with all EPA requirements for American iron and steelwork.

Custom Fastener Solutions for Desalination Plants

Today’s waterworks industry relies on desalination plants for numerous applications. This emerging technology requires specialized equipment that operates in what is essentially the worst case scenario for metal fasteners: constant contact with saltwater and various other chemicals. That’s why desalination plants and water treatment centers throughout the world rely on R&D’s premium fasteners that resist rust, corrosion, and chemical breakdown.

Custom Forged and Threaded Fasteners for Water Processing Equipment

R&D Fasteners is a leading manufacturer of specialty fasteners for the global water processing sector. Our quality-forged fasteners are found throughout the world in municipal water connections and within the state-of-the-art equipment used in commercial water processing. When waterworks providers require quality corrosion-resistant fasteners that will stand the test of time, they have turned to R&D since 1984.

Quality American Contract Manufacturing Services Since 1984

At R&D Fasteners, we make extensive investments in technology, equipment, and training. As a family-owned business, we value every single one of our employees. Everyone receives internal and external training, and we have a knack for retaining team members. Less turnover equals more qualified people creating parts to meet high standards. Our employees make us the best manufacturer we can be.