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Our Roots

Founded in 1984, R&D Fasteners started as a company that manufactured specialty fasteners and hardware for the construction, waterworks, and commercial markets. The Scheu family purchased the company in 1993, bringing with it more than 100 years of knowledge and experience in manufacturing.

In the last 10 years, R&D Fasteners aggressively moved into new markets, expanding military and energy products. However, we have not forgotten our roots. We are still manufacturing superior-quality standard and specialized commercial parts at affordable prices.

Investing in Employees

At R&D Fasteners, we make extensive investments in technology, equipment, and training. As a family-owned business, we value every single one of our employees. Everyone receives internal and external training, and we have a knack for retaining team members. Less turnover equals more qualified people creating parts to meet high standards. Our employees make us the best manufacturer we can be.