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R&D Fasteners offers the capability to forge bolts, nuts, cap screws, and various other fasteners in virtually any head configuration. Our custom forging services rely upon the industry’s most cutting-edge metallurgy and manufacturing technology to produce superior quality components.

R&D Fasteners can cut and roll thread of many sizes. We offer a complete range of custom thread cutting services including CNC single-point options.

At R&D Fasteners, full CNC turning and milling is available for build-to-print precision machined parts. We offer the capability to work with difficult-to-machine materials including exotic metals.

Our company is renowned for our rapid delivery service. We offer quick turnaround for standard delivery as well as expedited delivery options. Our 911 Emergency Program serves our West Coast customers with unbeatable, lighting-quick delivery options for all critical parts and services.

R&D Fasteners provides highly versatile material solutions to serve the widest range of contract manufacturing projects possible. Our custom forging and machining capabilities extend to virtually all steels, including most grades of stainless and duplex, as well as titanium, nickel alloys, Inconel, and various exotic materials.