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Construction Fasteners

R&D Fasteners serves the commercial construction and architectural industries with quality forged and machined fastener solutions. If you have driven across a bridge, looked out from a high-rise office building, or taken a roller coaster ride, you have relied on the quality-built metal fasteners of R&D. We specialize in the manufacturing of hex, heavy hex, oval neck track bolts, and t-head bolts for buildings and construction projects. We also stock a wide range of raw materials to meet your delivery requirements.

What started as a small, regional company providing anchor bolts for Southern California construction businesses, has grown into a world-class manufacturer with commercial building customers utilizing our products around the globe.

Quality American Manufacturing for Specialty Construction Screws and Fasteners Since 1984

Since our company’s founding, R&D Fasteners has remained a leading provider of specialty fasteners throughout the global building and construction industries.

As one of the nation’s leading providers of MIL-spec hardware and fasteners for naval shipbuilding, our company is well-versed in what it takes to build highly reliable products that stand up to tough, load-bearing environments. Our custom fasteners are manufactured in the U.S.A. from application-specific materials that protect against rust, salt corrosion, and various chemical contaminants that modern architectural applications are faced with. 

Quality Architectural Screws and Fasteners

R&D Fasteners manufactures custom forged fasteners for various specialized architectural applications, including building supports, scaffolding fasteners, and high-strength anchor screws. With our integrated full-service CNC machine shop, we can virtually create any complex custom fasteners, flange screws, and related components required in today’s architectural iron and steelwork.

Specialized Fasteners for Construction Equipment

Commercial construction tools and heavy equipment demand the most dependable fasteners possible that stand up to tough operational conditions and harsh environments. R&D Fasteners rises to the challenge by manufacturing all custom construction screws and fasteners in-house. As an ISO 9001:2015-certified American manufacturer, our company abides by the strictest standards of quality and consistency to ensure every product meets our customers’ exacting specifications.

Superior Fasteners and Hardware for the Construction and Building Sectors

R&D Fasteners has provided the commercial construction industry with quality hardware solutions since 1984. Our company is committed to producing superior fasteners that meet the demands of today’s most challenging building and architectural applications.